Americhip: Don Julio Double-Sided E Ink Shelf Blade


Don Julio Double-Sided E Ink Shelf Blade

Don Julio Double-Sided E Ink Shelf Blade

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With everyone overbooked and overly busy these days, how can you grab the attention of harried shoppers and communicate a meaningful message to them  right in the store aisle when they’re making their buying decisions.


Put our innovative E Ink technology to work to stop shoppers in their tracks and then hit them with a potent marketing message. Americhip partnered with Don Julio and its agency to design and produce custom, two-sided E Ink Blades that mount to store shelves and flash for up to one year or more.  Our proprietary electronic ink panels produce flashing copy and images that light up and attract the eyes of every passerby.  For Don Julio we created an E Ink animation that simulates the actual creation of a craft cocktail right in the appropriate bar glass.  To make sure every shopper in the aisle is attracted to the product, we incorporated the electronic panels on both sides of the Blade.

When you need to attract attention and excite shoppers about your product put our two-sided, flashing E Ink Blades to work on your next in-store campaign.

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