Americhip: USPS Video Direct Mailer


USPS Video Direct Mailer

USPS Video Direct Mailer

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Needing to demonstrate its ongoing relevance in the competitive world of parcel delivery, the U.S. Postal Service wanted a compelling statement to show B2B marketing companies that the USPS still offered strong direct mail solutions. 


When your goal is to impress your clients with state-of-the-art direct mail solutions, Americhip is your only choice.  Our team of Paper Engineers worked with the USPS and its agency to create a gorgeous Video Brochure.  The casebound, tri-fold video mailer included two accordion pockets to hold extra materials.  When opened, our patented 7” video screen delivers a crystal-clear presentation and is accompanied by  three chapter buttons that allow recipients to manage their viewing options. When you need to impress, influence and get results, you need to work with Americhip.

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