Americhip: WaterWipes 5” Video Table Tents


WaterWipes 5” Video Table Tents

WaterWipes 5” Video Table Tents

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WaterWipes was started by a father whose child suffered skin irritation when exposed to traditional baby wipe products.  When you’ve created a unique and innovative product how can you best communicate its key attributes in comparison to the established product of much larger competitors?


Tell your compelling story right in the retail aisle with a merchandising product as innovative as your own.  Americhip partnered with WaterWipes and its agency to develop an instore communication campaign utilizing our patent pending Snap-Up 5” Video Table Tent.  Shoppers are attracted to the stylish display because it begins playing an engaging 30 second video as they enter the retail space thanks to the built-in motion trigger.  A prominently placed Replay Button allows consumers to view the video again to capture all of its information.  Also, the large design area allows the brand to highlight its simple solution (only 2 ingredients!) and its approval rating from several healthcare alliances.  The Video Table Tents were deployed in Walmarts across the country.

Our innovative snap-up table tents provide additional benefits for the brand, retailer and installation rep in that they ship flat to save on freight costs and then once in store snap up into formation with no assembly required.  These innovative communication tools can be placed on any flat surface:  countertops, registers, shelf-edge or even end-caps.

Let Americhip design just the right custom instore product for your needs by pairing our state of the art technology with innovative, efficient paper engineering at an affordable price.

Signs of Success:

Feedback from our client: “ Your Video Table Tents worked out great. Super easy to set up and easy to use! We had a lot of engagement with the videos so it was a perfect solution going unmanned during the covid pandemic.  Thanks for the help and I’m sure we’ll be working together again soon!”

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