Americhip: Milk-Bone Patented Video Blade with Vertical Screen


Milk-Bone Patented Video Blade with Vertical Screen

Milk-Bone Patented Video Blade with Vertical Screen


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With a brand that is more than 100 years old, Milk-Bone needed an instore display to communicate the latest information about its product and why it was still so relevant for today’s pets.


Every pet owner wants to do what’s right for its dog.  But knowing what is right and finding the right product in a crowded store aisle can be a very challenging task.  Milk-Bone made it easy by putting Americhip’s Video Blade into key pet retailers throughout the country.  The shelf display couldn’t be missed as it stood 18” high and was designed with a deep red background offset with white copy.  The impactful display demanded shoppers' attention as they strolled through the aisle.  Consumers then engaged with our 7" vertical VIP screen to be educated about three different products and how each can help the health of their dog.  When you have a story to tell, tell it boldly with Americhip’s Patented Video Blades.

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