Americhip: CeraVe Custom Lighted Product Packaging


CeraVe Custom Lighted Product Packaging

CeraVe Custom Lighted Product Packaging

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In a busy marketplace where you’re battling bigger and more established brands, how can you grab the attention of key influencers and retailers? 


Shine the light on your products and illuminate how they are better than the competition. Americhip partnered with CeraVe, a newer company in the skincare products industry, to design and manufacture a sleek product kit to go out to important influencers and retailers.  The stylishly simple package was designed with only its name on top in the brand’s distinctive purple and white colors.  And then when opened, recipients immediately see the warm lavender glow from the CeraVe name backlit with our lighted diffuser panel.  The glowing name communicates the style and sophistication of this brand which was developed by a team of dermatologists to repair and strengthen skin.

Be sure your influencer and retailer specialty packaging communicates the sophisticated aura of your brand with Americhip’s innovative lighting technologies, including LED diffuser panels, EL and E-Ink.

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