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Hyundai Lighted Direct Mailer

Hyundai Lighted Direct Mailer

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Hyundai was launching its newest Sonata model which included numerous technology features, and it needed a direct mailer that could live up to this elegantly designed new automobile.


Partner with Americhip to design and manufacture a tech-enhanced mailer that speaks to the elegant features of your new product.  Working with Hyundai’s agency, we developed a sleek, multi-spread mailer that includes a glamour shot on the cover and then opens to reveal a tight shot of the front of the vehicle with its distinctive four headlights and v-shaped channel strip brightly illuminated with our custom LED backlighting technology.  The multi-spread mailer grabs the attention of auto enthusiasts who thrill at the innovative lighting technology which closely mirrors the actual lights on the new Sonata.

Incorporate Americhip’s Multisensory light, audio and dimensional technologies to ensure your mailers and consumer communication pieces stand out, grab attention and deliver a compelling message.

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