Americhip: Dole New Product Video Launch Packaging


Dole New Product Video Launch Packaging

Dole New Product Video Launch Packaging

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When you’re a dominant player in one product category, how can you create excitement among retailers around the launch of a whole new line of ready to eat snack packs?


Go bold and impress your retail partners!  Americhip partnered with Dole and its agency to design and manufacture a mini refrigerator standing 24” x 12” x 7”. When the fridge door opens, our 4.3” Video Screen begins playing a high energy video announcing the launch of Dole’s new Fridge Pack line.  On the other panel, we built shelves holding the product packaging so it looks like the inside of an actual refrigerator.  To finish the look, and to help Dole’s Account Reps carry these large boxes, we included a large woven branded cooler bag to hold the specialty packages.

Dole’s Reps shared these innovative launch kits with key retailers to generate excitement and buy in about the new launch.  When you’re looking to create more opportunities among your key retailers, partner with Americhip to create an innovative custom package that highlights your new line.

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