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Windex POS Display

Windex POS Display

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How can a brand team best take advantage of its iconic packaging design and extend its broadcast message into the retail aisle where consumers form their final buying decisions?


Americhip worked with SC Johnson to find a way to use the instantly recognizable Windex package and incorporate Americhip’s proprietary Video Screens to create the first ever Video Product Replica™. While the front of the package looked the same as the actual product on shelf, Americhip incorporated its 4.1” screen and a blinking LED to grab consumers’ attention. A large red push button embedded on the cover prompts consumers to trigger the video. A simple 30 second spot educates consumers on how they can use “Windex Outdoor All-in-One to clean their windows in an easier and faster way.”

The VPRs were positioned at select Target Stores across the U.S. Americhip designed, engineered and produced the Windex Video Product Replica units. Americhip also coordinated the packout detail and shipped the units to select distribution centers. The units were designed to remain in store for four months. Americhip also designed the custom wire rack and security fixturing which allowed the VPR™ units to be mounted to sidecap racks.


After an initial test of several hundred stores, SC Johnson re- ordered four times the original quantity to place a unit in every Target.

“Video Product Replicas™ will revolutionize the industry as we know it.” –Senior Customer Marketing Manager

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