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Team One Video Book

Team One Video Book

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The agency Team One has produced advertising for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. When your job is to create amazing ad campaigns for your clients what advertising platform do you choose for yourself?


Team One has created major buzz for their clients by creating videos that portray feats that have never been seen or attempted before. For Lexus, this meant chaining five cars together and hanging them vertically while suspended in air. How do you tell other clients about the truly incredibly video your agency created through words? You don’t. You show them.

From the clever copy on the front cover to the Black Keys song that instantly begins playing when the video book is opened, Team One created a one-of-a-kind pitch kit by focusing on every detail. The result was an innovative marking piece that spoke to the agency’s reputation for innovation and creativity.

Signs of Success:

The video book was a huge success for the agency. It combined the best of both worlds-the tactile comfort of print with the engaging quality of video.

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