Americhip: Medtronic Patented Patient Education Video Book


Medtronic Patented Patient Education Video Book

Medtronic Patented Patient Education Video Book

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Medtronic needed an innovative mailer to target key patients to educate them on its new device which offered a “new and better choice” as compared to the current treatment options.


Americhip worked with Medtronic to create an innovative and informative hardcover video book that explains to these patients why the new medical device gives them a better quality of life.  When your product has an 84% approval rating and a 3X improvement in quality of life as compared to the alternatives, you need a marketing tool that will cut through the clutter and grab patients’ attention to ensure they hear your message.  Partner with Americhip to create a cutting-edge Patient Education Video Mailer to launch your next new device.

Signs of Success:

The Brand Manager shared the Rep Team’s feedback on the new Video Mailers:

"The feedback from the video brochures has been incredible thus far. The rep team is LOVING them and begging for more. We will be ordering more in the next 60 days.  See their feedback below: 

Given the huge success of the Video Brochures, Medtronic has re-ordered the Video Books four times.

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