Americhip: Axonics Patented Video Book + NFC Tag


Axonics Patented Video Book + NFC Tag

Axonics Patented Video Book + NFC Tag

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Axonics, a leading medical device company, had the most advanced technology in the market, but struggled to reach its target audience through traditional marketing and online programs.  Its test data confirmed that consumers liked its product once they were made aware of its key features and benefits.  Growth lagged, however, due to the challenges in communicating with this core group of prospects. 


Communicate directly with your core customers and prospects by putting your best corporate and brand information directly into their hands. Americhip produced a high-end, casebound 7” Video Book for Axonics that let actual patients tell their stories. The Video Book includes important technical information and test data, but also connects emotionally through real-life case studies told by patients themselves.  And, at little extra cost, we embedded an NFC tag into the Video Book that takes consumers to a specially tailored URL that allows them to extend the dialogue and learn more about the company and its treatment plans. 

Don’t wait for your audience to find you.  Reach your key demographic with a patented Video Brochure + NFC Tag from Americhip.

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