Put Americhip’s Multisensory Print to work to upgrade your brand communications, direct mailers, instore merchandising, packaging and magazine inserts. Imagine sharing your brand's story using sight, sound, tactile, scent and taste interactive experiences?  Multisensorizing is all about engaging customers, influencing purchasing decisions and elevating brand recall by making emotional connections on a digital and sensory level between your brand and the consumer.  And the results are incredible.  Check out our ROO/ROI data and Starch scores for proven results.

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Valentino Specialty Sample Kit

Specialty Packaging

MAC Water Reveal Influencer Kit

Multisensory Packaging

Murad Picture Changer

direct mailer

Smashbox Water Reveal Mailer

multisensory mailer

Multaq Audio Brochure

Audio brochure

BMW Lighted Brochure

LED Diffuser

Dow Agro Flippit

paper engineered mailer

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Cenex Patented Video Marketing Brochure

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Specialty Package

Lifetime 3D Pop-Up Media Kit

The textured book was made of high-quality paper stock and when opened, revealed an highly detailed “Red Tent” that literally pops up from the page.

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Aquaphor 4.3" Video Blade

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Saints Super Bowl Video Book

we wanted something special that would be able to capture the passion, the energy, and the power that this win represented

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