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Benefit Cosmetics Influencer Box


Benefit Cosmetics Influencer Box

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When you’ve developed a brand new technology in the beauty and cosmetics space, how can you get the word out to your top influencers and leading retailers to ensure your consumers know about the breakthrough and where to find the new product?


Develop an influencer kit that incorporates the same technology as found in your product so those influencers can experience the real thing and then spread the word to your core consumers. Americhip partnered with Benefit to create a clever launch kit highlighting its new “They’re Real--Magnet” brand which features a magnetic core that draws lashes out to extreme lengths. To demonstrate how it works, we mounted an injection molded clear disc with thin slots representing eyelashes on the inside top of the box.  Each slit contains 3 metal balls. We also reproduced the actual applicator brush with a magnet on the tip.  Influencers are able to use the brush to “apply” product and move the balls within the slots to simulate how the mascara actually extends and lifts the eyelash.  Each package holds a standard size and mini size product box, so influencers can actually use the product after testing it in the launch box.  To make sure influencers and retailers don’t  miss this innovative kit, we utilized metallic foil paper to create a glowing effect on the outside of the package.

When you need to demonstrate how your new product works, partner with Americhip to create an innovative influencer and retailer kit that performs just like your actual product does.  Your influencers will be impressed…and ready to share the good news with their millions of followers.

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