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Aquafina Magazine Insert

Aquafina Magazine Insert

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When Aquafina first came out with its brand of bottled water, it faced the challenge of setting itself apart from other brands. Now, Aquafina has proven to be one of the more popular names when it comes to bottled water.  So when Aquafina was ready to launch a magazine ad campaign of its new line of sparkling waters, they were now faced with a new challenge of promoting the new line, but in this case, they needed to make sure that consumers didn’t view the ads as just another Aquafina Bottled Water Ad.  

Aquafina and its ad agency BBDO worked with Americhip to produce a unique magazine insert concept.  After numerous brainstorming sessions, the answer was clear, or in this case, “bubbly” like the sparkling water. 
With the tagline, “everyone loves bubbles” and in order to communicate the bubbles in a fun way, bubble wrap was used to represent the sparkling water in the bottle. With the demographic on target and a campaign objective of 25% distribution, a simple and fun magazine insert came to life.

After the release of the campaign, Aquafina enjoyed a 46% distribution rate which was 86% above their goal. 


In addition, research showed that 50% of readers were so attracted to the bubbles that they popped them in the magazine. That's consumer interaction!

"As a direct result of seeing the Aquafina Bubble insert, more than 3/4 of readers reported their interest in the Aquafina product had increased." – Deirdre Celestino, Research Manager, Starch Communications, GfK NOP


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