Americhip: AO Smith Patented 7” Video Blade


AO Smith Patented 7” Video Blade

AO Smith Patented 7” Video Blade

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When you’ve developed a new product or technology that outperforms the traditional competition, how can you educate your shoppers right in the store aisle to make sure they make the best buying decision?


Go big and make sure the buying public can’t miss your new product.  We partnered with AO Smith to develop an instore campaign to launch its new hybrid electric heat pump and water heater.  We designed an oversized, horizontal Video Blade 20” long by 8” high embedding our 7” video screen.  Large copy on the blade makes sure shoppers know a key selling point to the water heater is its cost effectiveness.  Then to ensure shoppers notice the new product, a motion sensor triggers our Video Blade to play a silent attract video encouraging interested consumers to “PRESS PLAY.”  When they do, they see and hear why this new product outperforms the older technology.  The Video Blades were installed in Lowes stores around the country.   Be sure to wow and impress your audience with an innovative, shelf-edge Video Blade.  Seeing is believing after all.

Make sure busy shoppers don’t walk by your new product for lack of familiarity.  Grab their attention and then educate them with our Patented Video Blades.  Your shoppers will reward you.

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