Americhip: Cacharel Yes I AM Audio & Lighted Branding Brochure


Cacharel Yes I AM Audio & Lighted Branding Brochure

Cacharel Yes I AM Audio & Lighted Branding Brochure

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Cacharel, the French clothing and fragrance company, was launching its newest fragrance in the US and needed an innovative marketing piece to help communicate the essence of the brand to its retailers and instore trainers.


Americhip partnered with Cacharel to design a stylish brochure utilizing its new brand ambassador, Izzy Bizu--a hot new singer songwriter.  For a launch this dynamic, we married two of our Multisensosry technologies—audio and lights—to create a one of a kind branding piece that plays 20 seconds of Izzy’s new hit White Tiger.  To enhance the impact and design flair, we added our custom backlighting technology so that the new fragrance bottle along with the campaign’s key words, Daring, Powerful and Sexy, all glow when the unit is openedPartner with Americhip when you need to launch a new brand in style.

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