Americhip: Schwarzkopf Professional (Henkel) - Vibrance Video Countertop Display


Schwarzkopf Professional (Henkel) - Vibrance Video Countertop Display


Schwarzkopf Professional (Henkel) - Vibrance Video Countertop Display

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Schwarzkopf Professional was launching its new hair color product and needed an innovative way to communicate to its consumers about all of the new features available with this new launch.


When your industry has powerful influencers who have real world knowledge about your products it can really help to feature them on your instore merchandise to generate credibility with your consumers.  Americhip worked with Schwarzkopf on its Vibrance product to create a stylish 4.3” Video Micro Shelf Talker complete with a custom faceplace in the shape of the product itself.  The accompanying video highlighted well known designer Linh Phan, better known as his Instagram handle, @bescene, talking about all of the innovative uses of the new Vibrance product.  Americhip also designed an acrylic base for the device to create a mini video billboard that could engage shoppers at any countertop, shelf or checkout line. 

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