Americhip: Octane 5 Corporate Video Mailer + Marketing Video Kit


Octane 5 Corporate Video Mailer + Marketing Video Kit

Octane 5 Corporate Video Mailer + Marketing Video Kit

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When your brand is all about innovation and protecting your clients how can you ensure your corporate communications reflect that level of commitment?


Partner with Americhip to create a unique corporate communication piece that delivers your message in style and with impact. Octane 5 positions itself as a top-drawer consulting firm that knows how to protect its clients and generate results for its partners. As such, when it develops marketing materials they need to be as innovative and sophisticated as the company itself. Americhip helped Octane 5 hit the mark by producing a world class turned edge Video Package that distinguishes this firm from any other. The sleek casebound cover opens through a wrap-around magnetic hinge that unveils our impressive 7” video screen playing firm highlights. The 1.5” inch deep well allows for multiple brochures and other corporate materials to be included. This innovative Video Package educates every recipient and perfectly fits the campaign’s tag line: Inventing What’s Next.

Signs of Success:

The Video Kit performed so well for Octane5 that it came back to Americhip to create a patented 5” Video Marketing Brochure to further enhance its outbound communication tools to key customers and prospects. 

Make sure your corporate communications live up to your firm’s positioning with a sleek Corporate Marketing Video Package or mailer from Americhip.


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