Americhip: Puig Product Launch Events: Hypervsn Arrays and Solo Units


Puig Product Launch Events: Hypervsn Arrays and Solo Units


Puig Product Launch Events: Hypervsn Arrays and Solo Units

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When you’re introducing a new product that incorporates next level technology how can you best communicate to the marketplace that this launch represents a true leap forward in terms of innovation and sophistication?


Partner with Americhip to create an amazing 3D Holographic Backdrop for all your trade shows and event spaces.  Puig was launching its new Paco Rabanne Fragrance, Phantom, whose NFC-enabled bottle is shaped like a robot and engages consumers in an augmented reality environment.  To celebrate the launch, Puig booked awesome exhibit spaces around the country in places like the Kennedy Space Station in Houston and an Art Gallery in Atlanta.  Americhip’s Technical Team designed and assembled two 16 piece Hypervsn Arrays spanning an area of 7 feet by 12 feet at each end of the show space.  In addition, we placed half a dozen solo units six feet high around the exhibit space so Puig’s new Phantom NFC Robot Bottle could be seen floating throughout the event space in large 3D Holographic imagery.  The visual impact was amazing.

Put Hypervsn’s 3D Display Technology to use in your next event space, booth or corporate lobby to generate a one-of-a-kind visual effect that breaks through the clutter and generates huge crowds.

Click HERE to see our Hypervsn technology in action.

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