Americhip: Hemoblast 7” Multi-Page Patented Physician Video Mailer


Hemoblast 7” Multi-Page Patented Physician Video Mailer


Hemoblast 7” Multi-Page Patented Physician Video Mailer

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How do you communicate the key attributes of your new medical device to busy healthcare professionals who don’t have a lot of time to spend reading detailed data and reports?


Show don’t tell with Americhip’s Patented Video Brochures.  Nothing helps busy professionals quickly learn about your new product like a well-developed set of training and informational videos programmed onto our Patented Video Brochures.  Americhip partnered with Biom’Up, a new medical device manufacturer, to create a multi-page video instructional manual that delivers directly into the hands of key HCPs.  Using our large 7” video screen, four chapter buttons and multiple pages, Biom’Up was able to demonstrate key performance attributes, highlight critical test data and share physician testimonials.  Partner with Americhip to launch your next medical device to ensure that your target audience absorbs all of the critical details about your product.

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