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HTC and the makeup brand Urban Decay were working on the release of the Book of Shadows fourth edition collection. The Book of Shadows makeup line is known for unique packaging that houses 16 eye shadows and other accessories. HTC and Urban Decay were faced with the challenge of designing this latest packaging concept with as much creative distinction as the previous editions.


HTC turned to Americhip for its expertise in creating innovative packaging solutions. Once opened, the makeup kit reveals vibrant acetate butterflies that flutter next to a conveniently located pocket for a smart phone. To leverage the phone’s capabilities, the kit includes a portable speaker, USB cord and “Get the Look” QR codes that connect the consumer to five makeup video tutorials. This design allows the consumer to watch product demos while effortlessly putting on the Urban Decay makeup located in the drawer beneath the smart phone platform.

Signs of Success:

The unique design and smart phone friendly features generated huge buzz within the makeup community. The reviews speak for themselves:

“LOVE LOVE LOVE” - Lucy Loftis, Baltimore MD

"I just got my Book of Shadows IV and I cannot stop using it! It even comes with a mini speaker for my phone that really has great sound coming out of such a tiny thing. PLUS, the case has a little holder FOR YOUR PHONE, so you can watch and hear with your mini speaker and try out the new looks all at the same time!! They really are effortless and make the Book of Shadows even more amazing! So if you don't own it please go right up to the top click add to bag.” - Gayle Evans, New York NY

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