Americhip: Lego 5” Video Blade with Product Dome


Lego 5” Video Blade with Product Dome

Lego 5” Video Blade with Product Dome


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When your new product is sure to wow your target audience, how can you be sure they can actually see it right in the store aisle?


Take your product out of the box and embed it in our Video Blade and Product Dome for all to see.  Americhip partnered with Lego and its marketing agency to design a “first of its kind” custom shelf-edge display that includes a molded clear dome that holds the actual new Speedster Motorcycle right at eye level for its energetic customer base.   As the excited young shoppers approach, our motion sensor triggers an engaging video on the 5” screen to educate both the young shoppers and their slightly older parents about the engaging new toy.  These innovative displays went up in Walmarts all across the country.

When you need to show off your new product right on shelf, partner with Americhip to design a custom Video Blade with Product Dome to ensure all of your shoppers can actually see and experience your new offering.

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