Americhip: Whirlpool 3D Pop-Up Brochure


Whirlpool 3D Pop-Up Brochure

Whirlpool 3D Pop-Up Brochure

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"Experience What's New"

When shopping for a washer and dryer, consumers face the challenge of differentiating between features, options, and new technologies amongst a myriad of brands and models.  Whirlpool understood this and knew that they needed a creative and fun way of communicating to consumers about their new Cabrio Washer and Dryer Series.


Americhip collaborated with the Whirlpool team to design and develop a three-dimensional pop-up brochure.  On first glance, the brochure appears to be like any other brochure, but when opened it reveals a carousel of three separate eye-catching scenes which include clothes and water that literally pop up at the reader. Each scene details the different features and options that the Cabrio series had to offer.  All panels of the carousel, including the bottom, visually communicate product info to consumers.  Magnetized components within the brochure covers allow the brochure to lock in place, creating a beautiful 360 visual for consumers.  This vibrant and fun pop-up brochure was just one of many brilliant productions from Americhip's world-class paper engineering team.

The Whirlpool Pop-Up brochure was used both as print collateral as well as a point of purchase display. The piece was displayed on the product itself in showrooms and was also handed out at trade shows to introduce the new Cabrio Series to consumers so that they can literally "Experience What's New".

Signs of Success

The Whirlpool team was so impressed with the initial results of test units that they increased the production of the pop-up brochures by 50%.

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