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Michelin Table Tent

Michelin Table Tent

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Michelin had just introduced its new rain friendly tire line, Primacy MXM4. To promote the new safety features of the tires, Michelin was looking for a unique point of purchase display that would grab customers' attention and invite them to learn more.


Michelin North America collaborated with Americhip to create a lighted table tent that was on display in multiple dealerships around the country. The matte finished table tent features a lively snapshot of a car braking to avoid crashing into a tree in the rain. Customers are invited to press a bright yellow button that illuminates the falling raindrops that light up in a specified sequence.

Signs of Success:

Michelin received strong dealership and customer feedback for this interactive display. It effectively highlighted the necessity of durable tires with a unique lighted technology. It was able to draw customers' attention and get the message of tire safety across in a fun and interactive way.

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