Americhip: Char-Broil On Product 7” Video Display


Char-Broil On Product 7” Video Display

Char-Broil On Product 7” Video Display

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With the short attention span of today’s busy shoppers, how can you best communicate your product’s key technological advances right in the store aisle?


Partner with Americhip to design a custom Video Display that mounts directly to your product in store and captivates your buyers.  Char-Broil was launching its new grill exclusively in Lowe’s and needed a strong marketing piece to highlight its innovative “Cruise Control” process of grilling.  Rather than settling for a boring shelf edge sign that nobody reads, Char-Broil worked with Americhip to produce an impressive Video Display that couldn’t be missed. The large black and red graphic grabs attention, and then consumers engage with an informative video highlighting the key grilling details of the Cruise Control method.  The Video Displays were mounted directly on the grills so that every passing shopper engages with this impressive new grilling experience.

Make sure your consumers have all the information at their fingertips at the critical moment they’re making buying decisions with an on product video display.

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