Americhip: Travelers Personalized 5” Video Business Development Mailers


Travelers Personalized 5” Video Business Development Mailers

Travelers Personalized 5” Video Business Development Mailers

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When your sales team is made up of independent brokers and agents who have multiple suppliers to choose from what marketing materials will motivate them to present your products and services to their key accounts?


Produce a business development piece for your agents and brokers that is so spectacular they will have no choice but to send it to their top customers and prospects.  Americhip partnered with the marketing team at Travelers to create personalized B2B 5” Video Brochures for its top agents that target those agents’ biggest customers and prospects by name.  Here’s how we did it.  Travelers knew that cyber security would be a major growth area for its agents.  To give those agents the best chance for success, Travelers had Americhip produce a sleek and informative Video Mailer which details all the ways cyber criminals are attacking companies today.  To increase the value of these mailers, Travelers coordinated with its agents to get the names of the CIO at each of its top accounts and then Americhip personalized each unit with the recipient’s name.  To make the marketing piece even more valuable, Travelers highlighted each agent by including his or her photo and contact details on the inside of the brochure.  Then, to make sure the agents don’t miss this amazing marketing tool, Americhip produced a printed shipper to hold the Video Mailer that incudes copy on the cover reminding each agent what this investment is all about as they target their top accounts:  “Protect their business. Expand yours.”  The innovative Video Mailers were a huge hit among the Travelers’ sales agents who immediately mailed out or hand delivered each one to the senior manager identified in the personalized brochure.  Talk about your powerful development tool!

Give your key partners, brokers and agents the tools they need to be successful.  Partner with Americhip to create an innovative and informative personalized Video Brochure.

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