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Red Bull Promo Packaging

Red Bull Audio Packaging - Americhip from Americhip on Vimeo.

Red Bull Promo Packaging

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When Red Bull was ready to launch its first-ever limited edition flavor, it was apparent that a unique merchandising partnership was needed to promote the new product and its exclusive availability at 7-Eleven. Red Bull was looking to launch an extensive 360-degree marketing campaign to introduce the new flavor with captivating point of sale collateral which included limited edition packaging.


Audio Chip Technology

Of all the print collateral that was to be produced, the limited edition packaging was the key element that would grab the consumer’s attention. Americhip worked with Red Bull and its ad agency to develop and produce eye-catching packaging for Red Bull’s new summer flavor. The bright yellow box housed individual cans of Red Bull and when opened, a special audio introduction was played describing the new product and inviting consumers to let Red Bull know what they thought of their new summer edition flavor.

Red Bull’s Summer Edition was available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores and only for a limited time, which in turn created buzz as well as increased awareness of the Red Bull brand.

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