Americhip: Delta 4.3” Patented Video Micro Shelf Talkers


Delta 4.3” Patented Video Micro Shelf Talkers

Delta 4.3” Patented Video Micro Shelf Talkers

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Delta was launching its new MOD Shower Door system which included cutting-edge engineering that ensures the units close slowly and quietly to avoid loud slamming.  To support the launch, Delta needed an innovative marketing device at an economical price to communicate this new innovation both at retail and in the wholesale distribution centers where they sell their products.


Americhip deployed our patented, low-cost Video Shelf Talkers to perfectly highlight the new Soft Close System.  Our flashing LED draws attention and then shoppers opt in by pushing the Play Button.  The short 15 second video demonstrates the smooth, slow glide of the shower door and the quiet sophistication homeowners could now enjoy. 

Put Americhip’s sleek Video Shelf Talkers to work in store to highlight your product’s key selling features to educate your shoppers about what makes your product stand out.

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