Americhip: New Amsterdam Vodka E-Ink Shelf Talkers


New Amsterdam Vodka E-Ink Shelf Talkers

New Amsterdam Vodka E-Ink Shelf Talkers

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When you have multiple messages to convey to your customers in a busy retail aisle, how can you be sure your messages are reaching your target audience?


Create an innovative and cost-effective E Ink Shelf Talker that can’t be missed.Americhip partnered with New Amsterdam to develop an E Ink shelf display to highlight critical features and benefits of the Vodka brand.Our engineers created an E Ink panel with 3 sets of flashing messages highlighting key performance data, information on flavor and taste and finally the brand’s positioning statement.E Ink’s unique technology allows you to flash a series of messages or full color graphics that break through the store clutter and deliver a strong branding message to your customers.These innovative, tech-enhanced displays are a great value in that they will flash for up to one year on simple button cell batteries—no cables, remote battery packs or AC power required.

Turn shoppers into buyers with innovative and cost-effective E Ink Shelf Talkers from Americhip.

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