Americhip: Wolverine Custom 7” Instore Video Display


Wolverine Custom 7” Instore Video Display

Wolverine Custom 7” Instore Video Display

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With limited time to capture the attention of busy shoppers as they move up and down the store aisle, how can you ensure that your merchandising units deliver the stopping power you need?


Partner with Americhip to develop an innovative, durable and versatile one of a kind Video Display that can’t be missed and delivers engaging video storytelling right from the store aisle.  Wolverine is a leader in the boot and shoe industry and was launching its newest Hellcat Boot, one that combines its classic styling with a revolutionary spring cushioning sole.   The rugged 12” x 12” display was built out of expanded PVC and incorporated our 7” Video Screen and electronics within.  The Video Display was to be placed in different locations at each retailer and so it needed a flexible design.  Americhip met that demand by including hooks to fit a pegboard location and designing the base with holes so it can also slide over poles to sit upright on a counter or endcap.   Then to extend the longevity of the Display so it could be used over multiple seasons and set periods, we designed it with a form fitting cap that can be removed to allow Reps to access a hidden power bank to re-charge the battery and an SD card slot to update video content.  The design also includes a magnetic face so that the printed lens can be easily removed and replaced with new graphics to match the updated video content.

When you need to design a custom Video Display that meets all your needs, don’t leave anything to chance.  Partner with Americhip to design and manufacture a versatile and rugged unit that fits anywhere and engages your core shoppers.

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