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Surfer Dudes Video Shelf Display

Surfer Dudes Video Shelf Display

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Toyosity, a new manufacturer in the toy & games industry, was ready to launch the world’s first self-righting toy surfboard line, Surfer Dudes.  The Toyosity team knew they needed a way to grab the attention of parents and kids while in-store at the point of purchase.  The key was to get consumers excited about the new toy line by telling the story behind their new technology and to show ‘Surfer Dudes’ in action.


The Surfer Dudes tagline is “Powered by Waves” and there was no better way to tell their story than by the Power of Video.

With a full line of Shelf-Edge technologies to choose from, the Toyosity team decided to utilize Americhip’s Stock Video Shelf Unit. The units had bold and bright graphics that prominently pointed out a push button to view the Surfer Dudes “amazing video” which played on Americhip’s 7” VIP Screen. The video detailed the technology behind the product as well as video of kids and parents engaging with Surfer Dudes at the beach. The rugged yet sleek display included easy to install mounting hardware and charging ports.  The video shelf units were deployed in specialty surf shops and select boutique retailers throughout the US.

Now with the Power of Video at the shelf, the Toyosity team had their digital storyteller to help increase sales at the point of purchase.

Signs of Success

With such a great response and buzz around the product, the Toyosity team re-ordered additional units for placement in additional retailers.

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