Americhip: Mopar Engine - Multisensory Brochure


Mopar Engine - Multisensory Brochure

Mopar Engine - Multisensory Brochure

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HEMI had to figure out how to introduce the supercharged, 6.2L HEMI  “Hellcrate” engine to retailers, auto aftermarket dealers and other world-class car buffs with the WOW effect worthy of such an engine.


What better way to highlight 707 HP and the revolutionary HEMI engine kit than to let them smell the burn and hear the roar? An engine this powerful generates a lot of excitement, and only Americhip’s Multisensorized technologies are equipped to convey those exciting features in print. The front cover of this brochure entices with an irresistible scented patch. With a sniff, users smell the smoky burn of a hot rod engine. Then, when they open the brochure, consumers are treated to the roar of 6.2 liters of supercharged engine revving and then peeling out.  Engage your consumers, tell a more compelling story and generate better ROI/ROO…with Americhip’s Multisensory Print. 

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