Americhip: Munchkin Video Display Topper


Munchkin Video Display Topper

Munchkin Video Display Topper

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Munchkin had already invested in a large merchandising unit for baby stores around the country, but weren’t seeing the results they had hoped for. They needed to find a way to leverage their existing investment to increase customer engagement. 


Realizing the only place to situate a value-added video panel was on top of the merchandising unit, Americhip’s engineers worked with the client to create a fully custom Video Topper that sat between the back to back merchandising unit. The 26” long by 10” high Video Topper is built from sturdy expanded PVC and includes an 8” metal flange that anchors the  Topper between the shelving units. We built our proprietary 10” Video Monitor with motion sensor into the housing to allow for creative and educational content to play each time a shopper entered the space.  The extra-large housing allows for plenty of branding and the sturdy build projects a strong and solid message for this leading baby brand.  When you’re not getting the results you need from your existing merchandising, turn to Americhip to help create a dynamic and effective Video Topper or Wall Poster that augments your current display.

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