Americhip: Actelion Patented Video New Patient Starter Kit


Actelion Patented Video New Patient Starter Kit

Actelion Patented Video New Patient Starter Kit

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With new patients being overwhelmed with so many issues and questions, how does a major pharma brand help educate and onboard new patients in the most effective manner?  What tools are critical for easing the transition for new patients?


Deliver helpful information in the most direct way possible.  In this case, Actelion and its agency partnered with Americhip to design and produce a patented Video New Patient Starter Kit for its Uptravi brand that included a detailed video highlighting critical treatment notes.  The sleek turned-edge, hinged-lid box included a soft touch finish, a well to hold important patient information and a personalized value card.  The kit included a ribbon hinge so the lid stays open while the patient absorbs the important details outlined in the video related to the proper dosage levels, a technical description of how the medication works in the body and a patient testimonial sharing her personal journey. 

When you need to help your patients transition onto your medication, partner with Americhip to create an innovative video starter kit to ensure they have all the information they need for a successful treatment plan.

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