Americhip: Valvoline 7” Video Countertop Display


Valvoline 7” Video Countertop Display

Valvoline 7” Video Countertop Display

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When you’re introducing a new product or service in a location where shoppers have their routines down and rarely stop to think about adding something new to their purchases, how can you grab their attention and get them to notice your new offering?


Valvoline introduced a new fuel system service designed to remove carbon deposits from the engine in just over one hour.  To help break through the clutter and get shoppers to notice this new offering, Americhip partnered with Valvoline and its agency to produce a Video Countertop Display that went into gas stations and oil change outlets right at the check out counter.  To grab shoppers’ attention, our 7” video unit has a constantly flashing red LED as well as a motion sensor which triggers a short attract loop (no audio) to start the engagement process.  To learn more, shoppers push the play button to see and hear the full video about the new maintenance procedure.  The Video Display has full color branding on the faceplate and a rugged plastic housing and support bracket to protect and secure it at the checkout.  And, to extend the value of the investment for both Valvoline and the retailer, we designed the display to allow for easy updating of content through a secure SD card door on the back of the unit. 

Engage and educate your shoppers about your new product or service with a custom Video Display mounted right in the high traffic area at the cash register.

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