Americhip: Care Message Patented Video Brochure


Care Message Patented Video Brochure

Care Message Patented Video Brochure

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This non-profit focuses on using digital technologies to help healthcare organizations better care for underserved patient populations.  It needed a compelling brochure to educate HCPs in all sectors about the core elements of its mission.


Working with Care Message and its ad agency, Americhip created an impressive Video Brochure that was mailed out directly to key influencers and sponsors in the healthcare space. The copy on the cover framed up the key questions behind Care Message’s primary focus.  Then when opened, the Video Brochure allowed actual patients to speak in their own words and explain the value behind these supportive programs.  This communication piece humanized the folks behind Care Message’s programs by showing them in live videos and letting them share their real stories.

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Signs of Success:

The Video Mailers were such a success that Care Message reordered twice the original quantity sixty days after the original mailing.

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