Americhip: Fendt Patented 7" Video Marketing Book


Fendt Patented 7" Video Marketing Book

Fendt Patented 7" Video Marketing Book

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When you have a new product that completely breaks the mold of the old paradigm, how can you best educate your class of knowledgeable and not easy to impress buyers?


Americhip partnered with Fendt and its ad agency to design and produce an impressive Video Book that grandly announces the new era of the 900 GEN6 Series Tractor. The video book makes a bold statement with the full coverage of its distinctive green branding throughout and on the cover a large photo of the tractor in action.  When opened, the mailer plays a 90 second video highlighting all of the key features and benefits of the new tractor and the strong ROI it delivers.  The rugged 4-color printed shipper box protects the device in transit and also announces the promise behind the Video Book and Tractor: “Open to Grow Bold.”

The copy on the inside cover says it all about this marketing piece:  “Why tell you when we can show you?”  Nothing lets you show off your new product like a patented Video Book from Americhip.

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