Americhip: Mairie de Paris Video Brochure


Mairie de Paris Video Brochure

Mairie de Paris Video Brochure

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Paris has been branded as a culturally rich and stunningly beautiful city and has consistently been a top tourist destination. However, while it is known for its museums and romance, Paris does not have a reputation for being an important business hub. Consequently, Paris loses out on potential tax revenues that foreign companies provide when they establish an office within the city. With the global economy slumping, Paris City Hall needed to find a unique new way to promote itself as a location of choice for foreign companies.


The Paris City Government turned to Americhip and our patented Video in Print™ technology to create a truly unique marketing piece. The video brochure opens with “Paris est en movement” welcoming readers and encouraging them to learn more about Paris, a changing, moving and vibrant city. Then, unlike any other marketing piece, page two of the video brochure includes Americhip’s 2.4” Video in Print LCD Screen. This allows interested executives to explore the full attributes of Paris in beautifully shot, high quality video. The combination of video storytelling with multiple pages of stunning photographs of the City creates a truly compelling statement advocating the richness of Paris.

Signs of Success

The results? C’est Magnifique! The video brochure received such positive feedback and delivered strong results that Paris City Hall has already committed to re-order a larger quantity of the VIP Brochures for broader distribution. Other cities are sure to follow suit.

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