Americhip: Adidas Ultraboost Golf Shoes Launch Kit


Adidas Ultraboost Golf Shoes Launch Kit

Adidas Ultraboost Golf Shoes Launch Kit

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With every brand producing swag kits for its stars and influencers, how can you ensure that your products and packaging break through the clutter and shine on social media?


Let Americhip produce an exquisite launch kit that will impress your influencers and stars and help them shine on social media.  Americhip partnered with Adidas and its agency to create an innovative launch kit for the new Ultraboost golf shoe.  Americhip’s packaging engineers designed a specialized shoe box which made the shoes appear to be floating.  We then included cool merch like custom golf club head covers and a sleeve of custom printed balls matching the campaign’s theme.  When you need to impress your influencers and retailers partner with Americhip to create an innovative package + merch launch kit.

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