Americhip: Reddi Wip Patented Cooler Door Video Blade


Reddi Wip Patented Cooler Door Video Blade

Reddi Wip Patented Cooler Door Video Blade

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Reddi Wip had launched a new Barista Series highlighting the same Nitro Creamer and Sweet Foam Creamer consumers loved to indulge at their local coffee shops. However, the brand team was not seeing the sell through at retail they had forecasted.


Grab the attention of shoppers right in the store aisle and then convert them to buyers through persuasive video content.  We mounted two suction cups onto our patented Video Blade so the units could be attached directly to cooler doors in Meijer stores all over the country.  The strong graphics and our flashing LED light grab shoppers’ attention and then a high energy 20 second video spot shows consumers how they can make their own mochas, frappuccinos and macchiatos at home with these delicious new creamers.

Make sure your cooler items are not overlooked.  Mount our Video Blades directly on the front of cooler windows and convert your shoppers into buyers.

Signs of Success:

These cooler door video blades performed so well for the client on the initial test that it came back and ordered a larger roll out quantity within six weeks of the original launch.

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