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Vertex Mobile in Print Brochure

Vertex Mobile in Print Brochure

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals needed a way to reconnect with patients using its treatments, and also needed a communication piece to help answer questions patients would have about Vertex's newest drug, Kalydeco.  Vertex had established a new support program for its patients called Guidance & Patient Support (GPS), but its traditional print and on-line support materials had failed to generate sufficient patient response. 


Americhip presented the Vertex team its newest patented marketing technology, VIP Live: Mobile in Print, which integrates a live wireless connection in almost any form print collateral.  With Mobile in Print, patients can make live calls to a pre-programmed number directly from the printed page.

Americhip produced Mobile in Print brochures for Vertex which were mailed to a specific group of patients.  With the push of a button, those patients were connected live with their GPS Case Managers.  Patients loved the convenience of being able to push a button and speak live with their case managers.

Mobile in Print devices include built-in data tracking and live analytics.  This allowed the Vertex team to review ROO results from the campaign including Open Rates and Engagement Time.  With VIP Live, Vertex was able to measure results and refine the process for future campaigns.

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