Americhip: Intel EVO Deluxe New Product Video Reveal Kit


Intel EVO Deluxe New Product Video Reveal Kit

Intel EVO Deluxe New Product Video Reveal Kit

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When you’ve developed a brand new platform that delivers never before seen performance and functionality, how can you make sure key influencers, retailers and media outlets understand that a new era has begun?


Create a never before seen Launch Kit Spectacular personalized to each recipient (in five different languages!) that emphatically delivers the message that your new platform has arrived.  Americhip partnered with Intel and its ad agency to design and produce an amazing high-end specialty light and video delivery capsule that announces the new EVO powered laptops with excellence, grace and style.  It starts with the size (15” high x 13” wide by 13”deep) which makes it clear something significant is inside.  Then the solid black finish with spot gloss varnish highlights adds a touch of sophistication.  The ultimate reveal comes when the lid is removed and all four side panels drop to unveil the laptop mounted in a vertical position.  The laptop is bathed in soft blue light emanating from our embedded LED ropes mounted throughout the base platform.  Every recipient is then encouraged to slide open a built-in drawer to reveal a personalized note with the ultimate branding device—our patented Video Brochure highlighting the new EVO platform.  Intel’s tagline for the campaign is perfectly matched by this Reveal Kit and Video Brochure:  Verified Wonderful!

When you need your new product to breakthrough and generate a WOW with your influencers, media and retailers, partner with Americhip to create a Launch Kit Spectacular that boldly announces a new era.

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