Americhip: LG Styler Video Demo Poster


LG Styler Video Demo Poster


LG Styler Video Demo Poster

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Test market data showed that consumers liked LG’s new Styler product once they had purchased it and used it at home.  The problem was that the initial marketing did not give shoppers a clear enough understanding of what the Styler was and how it could be used. 


Give shoppers the closest thing to the actual product experience right in the store aisle.  Americhip partnered with LG to design and produce a custom 10” Video Demonstration Poster that was mounted inside Stylers at Costcos all over the country.  Through our motion sensor technology, the 3-foot tall Video Poster begins playing as soon as shoppers open the door.  While checking out the interior of the new product, shoppers can learn about how it refreshes and deodorizes clothing, helps sanitize your wardrobe and also gently dries your delicate goods.  The Video Poster clearly demonstrates the core value of the product and gives shoppers all the information they need to fully understand the new product.

Make sure your consumers are getting the full picture about your products. Partner with Americhip to create a custom instore Video Display that provides the full product experience right in the store aisle.

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