Americhip: IntraFi Patented Video Brochure


IntraFi Patented Video Brochure

IntraFi Patented Video Brochure

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When you have a successful B2B business model that is also relatively complex, what marketing tools are available to best communicate your unique positioning with prospects and new accounts?


Show and tell with Americhip’s patented Video Brochures.  In today’s busy workplace most executives don’t have the time to read lengthy and complex brochures.  Instead, IntraFi, a leading financial services company, partnered with Americhip to create a compelling communications piece that explains its unique offering in two videos rather than 10 pages of copy.  The sleek brochure opens to reveal our 7” Video Screen and two chapter buttons with very direct titles: “Smart Solutions” and “How it Works.”  Each video comprises animated content breaking down the specifics of IntraFi’s offering in an easy to understand narrative.  The Video Brochures were mailed out to businesses around the country and also hand delivered by IntraFi’s Rep Team.

When you need to open more B2B accounts, partner with Americhip to develop an innovative and compelling video communications device.  Your clients will reward you when you do.

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