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Americhip creates innovative advertising and marketing products like Video Brochures, Video Books, Instore Digital Product Selectors, Video Packaging and Multisensory Magazine Inserts that allow you to more effectively communicate with your core audiences. Our innovative solutions help you drive sales, breakthrough the clutter and generate greater ROO/ROI. We’re a digital studio, a design lab and a plant, all in one. We have a team of talented people with all of the eclectic skills to make each facet of your branding, marketing, advertising, packaging, digital and social media initiatives relevant, engaging, effective, measurable, and uniquely creative. Innovation, engineering and sensory branding are what Americhip is about--every day, all day. Ready to get started?



For over 10 years, Americhip's core services have revolved around our Multisensorized communications where we integrate Audio, Lights, Materials, Paper Engineering and our patented Video in Print™. Americhip uses technologies to make emotional connections on a sensory level, bonding your brand to your target's subconscious in entirely new ways.

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Americhip is synonymous with discovery, development and integration. Our highly-skilled team of engineers and designers are consistently researching and innovating.  From Video Brochures to Video Books, Americhip is always inventing new ways to blend the analog experience of print with the new frontiers of digital technology.

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Today's world is mobile and connected. By integrating technologies like Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth Low Energy, we transform traditional pieces into completely connected devices. Our New Mobile in Print Technology allows your audience to instantly connect with you - and the pieces deliver live analytics with unprecedented data tracking. 

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We work with global brand leaders and agencies to upgrade existing communications and create ingenious new solutions. We take ideas and transform them into unique and innovative products that engage, influence, and elevate your brand through Video POS Displays, Video Product Replicas and Video Packaging.

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More of Our Work

Video Slate

Coca-Cola iLearn

Americhip partners with Coca-Cola on iLearn Video Slate, an innovative Digital Training Device for Coke’s new Freestyle Dispensers

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video brochure

HP Video Brochure

HP utilized the Video in Print brochure to feature all of the key specs and capabilities of the new Servers and to detail a high profile project with the Italian Ministry of Instruction.  The oversized Video Brochure included a chipboard core which gave the piece a rugged and impressive feel.

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audio brochure

University of Michigan Football

When the brochure was opened fans heard the original play by play of the excited announcers from that legendary game.

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media kit

Bonnie and Clyde VIdeo Press Kit

In order to stand out, Americhip worked with A&E to create an impressive interactive video media kit. It included an outer box and a specially designed inner box that held a hard case bound book with a video screen on the cover that automatically played a trailer of the show.

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Americhip's mission is to deliver solutions that engage audiences on a more intimate level. We design, develop, & manufacture innovative communications tools to empower global brands and agencies.
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