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Skechers Video Book

Skechers Video Book

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In retail environments, it is important that store associates are not only knowledgeable about new product information but that they are also motivated to learn and are excited about the new offerings.  With a new line of shoes ready to launch in stores, the Skechers team was looking for a cool way to train its associates at an upcoming sales conference.  They wanted to deliver a communications piece that was fun, exciting and informative. 


Video in Print Technology – Featuring 15 Chapter Buttons – an Americhip first

Skechers and Americhip collaborated to produce a digital preview video book.  The hardbound 8x12 book opened up to two-page spread introducing Skechers' new line of products and technologies as well as their all-start lineup of celebrities including Brooke Burke, Demi Lovato, and Ringo Starr.  The video book played content on Amerchip’s 7” LCD screen and it included a set of chapter buttons that played product-specific content. 

Most of Americhip’s Video in Print executions are produced with 1 to 5 chapter buttons.  Skechers felt their story needed much more video content so they tasked Americhip with designing a first-ever 15 button video book.  Americhip’s skillful team of engineers masterfully designed the engineering layout and came up with a straightforward design that still allowed for a slim and sleek book.  The custom video book was made of a soft-touch material which added a special look and feel to the final piece.

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