Americhip: Serta iComfort Product Sampler Video Display


Serta iComfort Product Sampler Video Display

Serta iComfort Product Sampler Video Display

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Serta was introducing its new mattress line, iComfort® Sleep System, featuring a new mattress technology called Cool Action Gel Memory Foam. With so few store employees available to interact with shoppers, Serta needed an in-store solution that would grab attention and educate interested consumers.


Americhip's product engineers worked with Serta to develop an innovative vacuum formed display that sits right on top of the mattress.  The unique display measures 24" in diameter, houses our 5” IPS video screen and attracts shoppers who then engage with the informative video content to learn all about the new Memory Foam.  To ensure consumers saw and felt the difference between Serta’s Gel Memory Foam and knock off product, we embedded material samples of each layer of the mattress.  While watching our video, shoppers were able to engage with the actual materials to quickly see and feel the superior product.

Signs of Success:

"Overall the interactive demo unit has been an essential component of the success of our iComfort®line. Through a distinctive appearance and new-to-the-category functionality we have been able toattract the attention of sales associates and consumers and then clearly demonstrate the uniquefeatures and benefits of our Cool Action Gel Memory Foam. This has helped us far exceed initialexpectations for retail placements and sales." -- SVP Marketing, Serta International

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