Americhip: LG Instore Lighted Product Display


LG Instore Lighted Product Display


LG Instore Lighted Product Display

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When your shoppers cannot experience your breakthrough technology due to how your product is displayed in store, how can you effectively communicate its special features to busy consumers?


Shine the light and share your product’s key performance elements with all of your shoppers.    LG’s unique “knock knock” oven feature allows cooks in their homes to double tap on the glass window to trigger the internal light so they can check on the progress of dinner.  However, when displayed in store, the ovens are not plugged in and so shoppers are not able to see this key feature in action. Americhip partnered with LG to develop a custom, battery- driven LED light harness that mounts inside the oven and triggers with the same knock knock sensor.  We also produced a label that mounts to the top of the oven that invites consumers to double tap to learn more and a four color transparent lens that mounts to the inside of the window that shows a turkey dinner cooking inside when illuminated.  With each double tap, our lighted display illuminates the delicious meal and demonstrates for the shoppers the special value delivered by the new oven.  Now that’s a real feast of a display!

Make sure your shoppers can experience the actual key performance features of your products with an innovative tech display designed and manufactured by Americhip.

Click Here to See the Knock Knock Technology on LG's Refrigerators.

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