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BMW Lighted Brochure

BMW Lighted Brochure

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Every auto dealership has plenty of traditional print collateral to share with prospective car buyers. When BMW was ready to launch a new car model, they wanted a high impact brochure that was sure to shed some "light" on the features of the new 4 Series Gran Coupe.


With a strong culture and history of innovation, Americhip was excited to collaborate with BMW to develop an interactive brochure that utilized Americhip's newest multisensory offering, LED Diffuser technology.  The Diffuser Technology integrates low energy LEDs within an acrylic panel to disperse the light in a pointed and intense way. This technique allows for a powerful lighting effect and imitates the actual headlights of the car.

When prospective buyers thumbed through the brochure, they were met with a full page spread of the entire car with headlights that literally lit up the page.  BMW’s product brochure truly shed light on the new 4 Series Gran Coupe.

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