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Genentech Direct Mailer

Genentech Direct Mailer

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Genentech wanted to raise awareness among physicians about its drug Actemra, which is used to treat patients with moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

Knowing that busy physicians are inundated with materials, Genentech and its agency, Flashpoint Medica LLC, needed a direct mailer with a creative design that would breakthrough and grab attention.


Americhip's team of Paper Engineers designed a sleek tri-fold mailer that included a "jackknife" style slide out webkey. The multiple fold out panels conveniently communicated important safety information and other related details on product efficacy. Providing further value, the webkey connected the physicians directly to a video program hosted by a well known KOL.

Within its sleek and compact design, the mailer was able to communicate significant information to the recipients in a very efficient manner.

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